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Frequently asked questions

Yes, STIB-MIVB uses an external service provider to store the data. Some data are also shared with our mobility partners: this is what allows you to use only one app for all services.

You’ll find more info in our Privacy policy

Floya does not yet integrate your season ticket. Simply use your MOBIB card as usual when you travel on the STIB-MIVB, De Lijn, TEC or SNCB-NMBS networks.

Go to the “Tickets” tab and select De Lijn. You can now choose between a 1-journey and a 10-journey ticket.

You can also pay contactless in every De Lijn vehicle. Swipe your bank card on a white validating machine and… off you go.

Pssst: it also works with NFC smartphones and smartwatches.

No need to make a purchase: with contactless payment, your bank card is your ticket to travel on the entire STIB-MIVB network. Swipe it on a grey validating machine and… off you go.

Pssst: it also works with NFC smartphones and smartwatches.

Do you have a MOBIB card loaded with a ticket or pass? Simply tap it on a red validating machine.

Go to the “Tickets” tab and select SNCB-NMBS. Fill in your departure and arrival station and choose the right fare for you.

Yes, you receive an invoice or a A proof of payment after using a shared bike 🚲 , scooter 🛴 or car 🚘.

A proof of payment is available for public transport 🚍🚊🚇🚆.

Currently, you can purchase 1 journey and 10 journey tickets from De Lijn in the Floya app, as well as SNCB-NMBS tickets.

Contact us 😊 We’ll be happy to help.

Do so by using the contact form on our website. You can also contact us via our Facebook or Instagram page or private message.

You can choose between two types of shared cars 🚘:

– The station-based vehicles of Cambio. To book a Cambio car or van via Floya, you need to have an active account with Cambio as well as the app installed on your smartphone.

– The free-floating cars of Poppy. You don’t need an active account with Poppy. You can book a car directly from the Floya app.

The riding/parking areas depend on the partner you use. They are indicated on the map by clicking on the zones on the map, you’ll see their meaning.

Floya includes a variety of mobility partners that cover all your transportation needs. 

The ones currently integrated in Floya are :

🚎 De Lijn – Navigating seamlessly with multiple bus options

🛵 Dott – Effortless e-scooter & e-bike rides for a sustainable urban lifestyle

🚗 Poppy – Unlock the city with car sharing

🚆 SNCB-NMBS – Your gateway to convenient and comfortable train journeys through Belgium

🚇 STIB-MIVB – Keeping you connected through Brussels’ public transport

🚖 Taxis Verts – Enjoy premium taxi services at your fingertips

🚌 TEC – Enhancing mobility with regional bus services

Moreover, two additional partners are visible in Floya and can be used via their native app : 

🚗 Cambio – Unlock the city with car sharing

🚲 Villo! – Pedal your way around Brussels with our bike-sharing partner

Excitingly, our Floya family is set to grow even further! 

Stay tuned for upcoming partnerships that will further enhance your mobility experience.

Floya is a project developed by STIB-MIVB on behalf of the Brussels Region. Who else but these two institutions could get mobility flowing in Brussels?

The app is available in English, French and Dutch.

Download the Floya app in the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

Wondering how to use Floya? Check out these videos!

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