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The best handmade ice creams in BX 

7 refreshing must-try spots

Ice cream season is back! What better way to kick it off than with a tour of the best ice-cream parlours in BX? And since there is more to our capital than the famous brands, we’d like to introduce you to 7 artisan ice-cream makers. Not only will this journey be a treat for your taste buds, but it’ll also take you through some of the city’s liveliest neighbourhoods. So, choose your ride and embark on a foodie adventure that will introduce you to a whole new world of flavours. 


Gelateria Il Monello serves delicious, homemade, all-natural Italian ice creams, with a range of flavours to suit all tastes. The gelato is sold at the counter, but during the summer you can also relax on the small terrace. You can even wander down to the Roodebeek Park next door to enjoy your sweet treat. Want to try out something new? They also sell sorbets, delicious semifreddi and the only Smurf-inspired ice cream ever used and approved by parents! 


Looking for a family-owned ice cream parlour that only works with natural products? Glacerie Jalou is the place for you! You’re sure to find something you like here. As well as the best ice creams and sorbets in Schaerbeek, they also sell waffles, coffees, milkshakes, and all kinds of delicious pastries. Plus, you’ll find the terrace extremely pleasant, where you can take things slow and easy. And if you’re a bit chilly (or too hot) outside, there’s also room inside to sit. 

Brussels City 

At Bargello, it’s all about trusting your taste buds rather than your eyes! The ice creams are hidden from view, so let the experts advise and surprise you. The limited menu is supplemented by seasonal suggestions to offer a great selection. Our favourites? The Sicilian pistachio, a timeless classic, and the chocolate sorbet, both surprising and delicious. But the masterpiece: the homemade cannolis served on the sunny terrace. 


Did you know that Etterbeek is home to a prestigious ice cream parlour? Pepe’s has been listed among the 100 world’s best ice-cream parlours, all thanks to its exquisite ice creams and sorbets, made without preservatives or artificial colourings. And if there’s one award-winning ice cream you absolutely must try, it’s this one: Sri Lankan cinnamon, caramelised pecans, and fleur de sel caramel. The ice creams are only available at the counter, for an authentic pleasure. But if you’re lucky, you might come across the “Pepe’s Mobile” in the Georges Henri Park, near their 2nd shop. 


Step into Gelateria Giotto and you’ll already feel like you’re in Italy. Here, the codes of the gelato craftsmen are strictly adhered to: no peeking into the pans, but you’re in for a treat. This ice cream chef has taken the best of both cultures by combining Italian savoir-faire with a Belgian touch of originality. With flavours like Kriek and Wépion strawberries, the temptation is just too great to resist! So, it comes as no surprise that the young ice-cream artisan recently won the Belgian championship for artisanal Italian gelato with “Il Bosco dei Cento Acri”: a honey, pine, boletus and lemon flavour. Ready to try? 


All Belgians remember the iconic ’friskos’ they used to eat as kids. At Nanouk, they’re back with a modern twist. Their ice creams and sorbets served on sticks come in 100% natural, eco-friendly flavours. You’re vegan? No problem, their sorbets are made entirely from seasonal fruit. The sweets are sold at the counter, ideal for those looking for an on-the-go treat. But if you’re not in a hurry, you can sit down on the Place Marie Janson and enjoy a well-deserved break. 


Pacitti Al is all about tradition and family, with skills that have been passed down for 3 generations. It’s the ideal place if you want to see Italian savoir-faire at play. And taste it, of course! All the gelato is made with natural products and comes in a whole range of classic or more original flavours, such as pear-gorgonzola. They’re sold at the counter, but here’s a little advice: cross the road and enjoy your ice cream at Bourdon, it will taste even better. 

Got you craving an ice cream? Floya has you covered! Type the name of the ice cream parlour into the app to find the best way to get there. All you have left to do is validate your phone on the bus, tram or metro, or unlock your ride in the app, and off you go! If you want a challenge, you can try all 7 in one day. It’s the perfect way to spice up your summer.