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Chloe in Brussels
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Pass the Love #2

BX through the eyes of Chloé

Get around Brussels like a local! In the Pass the Love series, a Brussels resident sets out to explore three hidden gems shared by a fellow local. Today, we’re going for a stroll with Chloé, a Frenchie who has been living in Brussels since her studies. Today, she discovered Le Millefeuille, the Cinematek and the bookshop Tropismes: Margaux‘s 3 tips. 

Who is Chloé? 

Chloé comes from the Haute-Savoie region in France: “I did my Erasmus in Brussels and haven’t left the city since!”  Today, she works for the NicetoNEETyou project run by Backstage.Network and SIEP Brussels, which promotes the integration of young people into the labour market. She lives in Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis, but often goes to Anderlecht where her partner lives. 

Chloé in front of the Millefeuille
  1. Le Millefeuille – Café littéraire 

“What a wonderful discovery. It’s a quiet street, with a nice shopfront on a corner, with climbing plants: you can tell it’s a welcoming place. And I really like the concept: second-hand books, food with local products… And look at these cakes! Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely be going back.” 

Chloe's route search with the bus

To get to the next place, Chloé takes the bus 71, a journey she really likes.  She steps out at the stop “Royale/Koning”. 

Chloé arriving at the Cinematek
  1. Cinematek 

“I often went to the Cinematek when I was a student. I’d go on my own or with friends, and sometimes we’d even turn up for a screening without knowing what we were going to watch. It was a good deal for us, because tickets weren’t expensive, and you could see films that you couldn’t watch anywhere else. We were delighted to rediscover Charlie Chaplin!” 

“Today, when French friends are visiting and asking me for advice on what to do in Brussels, the Cinematek is always on my list. For my part, I also go to other independent cinemas in the centre, such as the Cinema Palace.” 

Chloé looking for her route in Floya

It’s only a 10-minute walk from the Cinematek to the bookshop Tropismes!  

Chloé, in front of the bookshop Tropisme
  1. Tropismes 

I have a few favourite bookshops in Brussels and Tropismes is in my top three, along with Les Yeux Gourmands in Saint-Gilles and the Flagey bookshop – which is actually one of my recommendations for the next person!”  

“I regularly visit the Tropismes bookshop, as my workplace is not far from there. It’s near the Gare Centrale. Its location in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is magical; it’s a wonderful pilgrimage every time. I really like their wide and engaged selection, with a good choice of Belgian magazines. And the shop assistants are really nice. I can even hear them singing sometimes, which creates a good atmosphere.” 

The tips of Chloé 

Chloé shares three spots she loves, which Silke will explore in an upcoming article: the Parc Tenbosch, the Flagey bookshop and the Friterie Barrière.  

Her mobility habits 

  1. Walking: “This is my preferred means of transport! But as I’m often late, I often end up taking public transport.” 
  1. Public transport: “I mainly use metro lines 2 and 6, but I also regularly use buses 71 and 52.” 
  1. Bike: “When the weather is good, I like to take my bike out for short journeys.” 
Chloé on bus 71

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