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Place du Jeu de balle
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Pass The Love #4

BX through the eyes of Sébastien

Get around Brussels like a local! In the Pass the Love series, a Brussels resident sets out to explore three hidden gems shared by a fellow local. Today, we’re riding along with Sébastien, a digital expert. His journey leads him from place du Jeu de Balle to Studio Citygate, passing through the Duden Park: Silke’s 3 tips.

Sébastien, sitting at a café at place du Jeu de Balle

Who is Sébastien?

After growing up in the countryside, Sébastien moved to Brussels for his studies. He now lives in Schaerbeek with his partner and his daughter. As a digitalisation expert and Scrum Master, he works daily on improving mobile apps. In his spare time, he plays sports and has a passion for photography.

Place du Jeu de balle / Vossenplein
  1. Place du Jeu de Balle/Vossenplein

“It might sound unlikely, but I had never been to the place du Jeu de Balle until now. I sometimes go to the Marché du Midi, yet I had never realized there was a flea market right nearby. I’ll make sure to return on a Sunday morning to really take in the atmosphere.”

Sébastien, entering the tram station

To get to the Duden Park in Forest, Sébastien takes tram 4 underground, then bus 54.

Duden Park
  • Parc Duden/Dudenpark

“My greatest discovery today was the Duden Park. It’s truly stunning! While I regularly go to the Josaphat Park as an inhabitant of Schaerbeek, I also like taking photos in other parks either early in the morning or late at night. Sometimes, I bring my daughter along. I’d really like to come back here with her!”

Bike route in the Floya app

To get to the last place in Anderlecht, Sébastien rents an e-bike to the dropzone on the rue Docteur Kuborn, just a 3-minute walk from the Studio.

Studio City Gate
  • Studio City Gate

“Studio Citygate is a large complex of buildings that hosts a variety of associations, entrepreneurs, and creative people. I was eager to explore it, as I’m drawn to places with an ‘unfinished’ industrial aesthetic. They bring back memories of my skateboarding days, and now I enjoy photographing them. The place tends to be quite deserted during the day. But on summer evenings, when temporary bars open and outdoor parties occur, it must be quite enchanting. It’s best to check their website for the events calendar.”

Skaters at Studio City Gate

The tips of Sébastien

Sébastien shares three of his favourite spots for you to visit: Parc Josaphat/Josaphatpark, Glacerie Jalou and the Train World museum.

His routines to get around

  1. By bus: “The bus is the easiest way to get from Schaerbeek to my job in the city centre.”
  2. By car: “I regularly travel outside of Brussels either for leisure or to visit my family, and having a car is incredibly useful for this.”
  3. By kick scooter: “It’s my favourite way to get around when I wake up early to go take photos in the parks.”
Sébastien riding a Dott bike

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