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Payment options in Floya
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How to pay with Floya?

Now also with Bancontact

First time travelling with Floya? Find out how to buy your tickets, book taxi rides, or unlock shared bikes, kick scooters and cars in one click.

1.     Create your account

Before making your first purchase, create your account by entering:

  • Your first and last name: to buy tickets and check whether they’re valid if there’s a ticket inspection
  • Your phone number: to receive your activation code
  • Your ID card only: to unlock bikes and kick scooters
  • Your ID and driving licence: to use self-service cars

You can skip steps you feel are unnecessary at any time. Although uploading all your documents in one go is the most practical option. You’ll thank yourself later when you want to get home after a night out!

2.     Add your payment method

All you have to do now is add your bank card to your account. You can choose between Bancontact, Visa, and MasterCard:

  • Got a Bancontact debit card? A simple check through your banking app or Payconiq, and you’re good to go
  • Got a Visa or MasterCard debit card or credit card? Enter your card number and CVV code, then proceed with verification through your banking app

Good to know: All Belgian debit cards are compatible with Bancontact.

3.     Start your first trip

You can now buy tickets or book a trip! You can do this by launching a search through the “Tickets” tab or by directly pressing the icon of a means of transport.

Did you make your selection? Press “Buy“, “Unlock” or “Book“:

  • Did you add your card with Bancontact? Payments are processed instantly: easy-peasy!
  • Did you add your card with Visa or MasterCard? You’ll need to do a one-time bank verification for each operator (De Lijn, SNCB-NMBS, Bolt, Dott, Poppy, or Taxis Verts). But after that, you’ll pay in one click!

Good to know: Pre-authorisation fees apply when you book a ride:

  • €5 for bikes and kick scooters
  • €20 for shared cars
  • 20% of the ride (minimum €5) for taxis

Once your trip is over, the amount is adjusted to the actual price. If your trip is cheaper than the pre-authorisation amount, the difference will be made available in your account within a few minutes.

If the trip is cancelled, the pre-authorisation could take a few days to be released.

4.     Contact support in case of need

Need help during your trip? The Customer support is here to help you. Feel free to contact:

  • The Floya support for anything related to the use of the app and its features.
  • The Operator support for anything related to your tickets and reservations, the condition of the vehicle, the transport offer or the dropzones.

Good to know: The comments you leave at the end of your trip are anonymous. Want a reply? Contact support.